Seekonk Recreational Basketball League 2023-24 Game Rules

Basic Rules:


Seekonk Recreational Basketball League will follow MIAA/National Federation High School rules with exceptions as noted in the following: 




Only the coaches (2) and players should be on player bench. Game officials may allow more, however, if behavior becomes a concern, they will be asked to leave the player bench area.




Subbing will occur every five minutes with 15, 10, and 5 minutes left per half. All players that are currently on the bench must enter the game at those designated times. All players must play a minimum of two 5 minute shirts per half. No player can play a second extra shift until all players have played an extra shift. The same would apply to a 3rd shirt depending on the number of players, There will be no other subbing allowed during the game except for these three stoppages of play. Teams with 11 players can sub at any time. If a player is injured, the player can be subbed out. If a player arrives after the game has already started then they do not have to play the mandatory 2 -1st half shifts (10 total minutes) but they would need to play the mandatory 2 shifts in the 2nd half.


*Subbing will occur on the closest dead ball to the nearest 5-minute mark. The clock will stop for 25 seconds in order for new players to figure out who they are guarding. THIS IS NOT A TIMEOUT



3/4 Grade, 5/6 Grade

All teams must play person-to-person defense. You are allowed to use “help and recover” systems, but are not allowed to play any zones or have players just camped out in the paint, regardless of where their player is.  

Double teaming is only allowed in the paint. For example, if a player drives to the basket and an opposing player slides over in the paint to play help defense in the paint, you may end up with two guarding the ball in the basket area.  This situation would be LEGAL.

(Two players purposefully guarding one player 25 feet from the basket would be ILLEGAL.)

Pressing (person to person only) is only allowed in the last 2 minutes of the game, unless up by 20+ points.

7/8 Grade

All defenses - zone, person-to-person or pressing - are allowed at any time. A team that is up 20+ points is not allowed to press. 

Game Length:


The league will play two 20-minute halves - running time. The clock will be a running clock with the exception of the last minute of the game and free throws in the last 30 seconds of each half. Half-time and pregame warm-ups will be a reasonable amount of time based on the referee’s discretion.




In the event of a tie game, there will be a two-minute running time overtime period. Each team will have one time-out. If the score is still tied after the 2nd overtime, the first basket scored in the third, untimed overtime wins the game. There are no playing time restrictions in overtime.




Each team is allowed three full (60 seconds) timeouts per game.



  • Two shots will be taken after the 10th team foul in each half.  NO 1 & 1.
  • Player technical fouls are counted as a personal foul and a team foul.
  • The clock does not stop for fouls. (With the exception of shooting fouls under 30 seconds in each half.)
  • Players foul out at five personal fouls.
  • Players in 3rd & 4th grade are allowed to shoot a free throw from a full step inside the foul line. They cannot rebound the ball unless another player touches it first.

Technical Fouls:


Any coach receiving a technical foul must remain seated for the remainder of that game (Seat Belt Rule).  Two technical fouls result in ejection and a one-game suspension.




Spectators should not under any circumstances engage with referees, scorers, coaches, or players except in a positive supportive manner. Seekonk Youth Basketball reserves the right to ask any parent or spectator to leave the premises due to inappropriate language or behavior or comments directed toward or about referees, scorers, coaches, or players.


Basketball Size:


2nd-4th Girls – 27.5

5th-8th Girls – 28.5

2nd Boys – 27.5

3rd-6th Grade Boys – 28.5

7th-8th Grade Boys – 29.5