How can I tell if I have already registered my child?

Sign on to your AdminSports registration account.

Does the registration fee cover uniforms?

The registration fee includes a team shirt for all recreational players. For travel players, the registration fee does include the uniform which must be returned at the end of the season.

Are sessions cancelled due to the weather rescheduled?

Practices & In-Town games are not rescheduled unless time permits.

Travel games may be rescheduled per league rules.

Why no earrings or other jewelry?

The rule on this subject states: "Articles that may constitute a danger to the wearer or any other player must be removed, i.e. jewelry, watches, barrettes, chains, belts, head coverings with any visor or protrusions, etc."

What does our registration fee cover?

  • The registration fee is set each year and is designed to cover the following program costs:
  • Gym usage charges by the town's school department.
  • Cost for referees for each match.
  • Team equipment balls, shirts, pinnies, etc.
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Training Clinics for referees, coaches and players.
  • Basic Administrative costs of the organization.
  • Any trophies and or participation awards given by the organization.

How are coaches selected?

We depend upon parents to volunteer as coaches. Unfortunately, volunteer coaches are often in short supply. If you think you might be interested, we encourage you to start coaching at the youngest age you can, when practices consist of fun games. 

Of course, because most of our volunteer coaches are not professional educators or basketball players, occasionally some parents feel their children are not receiving the best basketball instruction. If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest you pick up a book on basketball, come to a coaches' clinic, and volunteer your services. We can always use assistant coaches, and you will quickly discover the joy of watching the children improve their skills under your guidance. 

Who decides on which team my child will play?

For the recreational program we strive to construct teams that are, as a team, balanced as compared to the other teams. It is the responsibility of the board of directors working along with coaches and others to use appropriate means to accomplish this.

For Travel Program teams girls and boys will try out if the number of players wishing to play exceed the available number of players needed for a team. The rosters of travel teams are selected at meetings held by the league for the coaches teams for that age. Players are placed based on their skill level and commitment. Evaluations by coaches and tryout results are important data in assisting in this process. Recognition is given to the fact that player's abilities and interest can very well change in relatively short periods of time and placements should try to reflect those changes as best as possible.

How are evaluations and assignments conducted?

Parents and players should understand that:

  • Each coach is asked by the Age Coordinator each season to complete an objective evaluation form for each player on the team.
  • The two major sources of information used by coaches and age coordinators to help make team assignments are the coach's evaluations and the tryouts. Of these considerably more emphasis is given to the evaluations as they reflect a season long review of each player.
  • Team assignments are made with the best interests of players and teams in mind.
  • Player assessment will be conducted as fairly as possible.
  • Every effort will be made to see that teams are not exclusionary over time and that team assignments reflect an evaluation of each player's current skills and commitment.
  • A player's individual success and development results in large part from how the player interacts with the team to which he is assigned, not on which team.

As a parent, you should be supportive of your child and his enthusiasm for the sport of basketball regardless of the team assignment. We encourage you to discuss any concerns about team placement with the appropriate coach for your child.

What are a coach's responsibilities?

Coaches should develop skilled players, promote fun, good sportsmanship and good basketball. Winning is secondary.

Coaches should promote good sportsmanship and must set an example for the players. Coaches should show respect for referees and opponents. Coaches should never publicly question a referee's call of chastise or belittle a referee.

Coaches are ultimately responsible for parental conduct during games. Coaches should inform parents of the need for appropriate and respectful behavior on the sidelines, and should directly with any parent who fails to act accordingly. Contact a member of the board of directors if you feel uncomfortable dealing with a parent directly.

At the younger ages coaches should expose all players to the various positions. Position assignments should be rotated, giving players equal time at different positions. As players get older, more experienced, show preference for specific positions and develop particular skills, coaches should balance these considerations with the goal of enhancing an overall team effort. None-the-less, through all ages, coaches are encouraged, wherever possible to expose all players to as much diversity of the game as appropriate.

Coaches should always remember that we are dealing with children and that the game is for the kids!

How much will my child play?

Our primary focus is on player development. It is the policy of the league that coaches distribute game playing time equally among all players on a team.

It is understood that roster size and opportunity for substitution may not allow for equal distribution at every game. However, over the course of the season, all players should be allotted equal game playing time, with the goal of each player playing at least 50%.