Coach Guidelines

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Coaches need help too!  This section should help guide you through some areas that you may need assistance.  If you cannot find the information here, contact us

Getting Started as a Coach for the Season

Thanks for volunteering.  Our league cannot be successful without the parents who volunteer each season.  There are a few things you still need to do to start coaching.

  1. If you did not register to volunteer as a coach or assistant during your player's registration, you will need to do so now. To check your status, from the registration section of this website, log into your family's AdminSports as a returning user.  Once logged in at blue Family Information screen, click on the Volunteer button under your name to officially register or to check your coach record. Update the phone numbers and email address to be sure that we have the correct email for you.  This is where we send all important coach information.
  2. Register for a CORI background check.  We need the town CORI form completed and a copy of your license.
  3. Double check that your Coach Registration has the proper email address and phone number.  This will ensure that all important league-related communication reaches you.  (see how to in step #1 above).
  4. Prepare for the season by: Reviewing rules of basketball.


In-Town program coaches from grade 2 to 8 host practices once per week.  Travel program coaches conduct practices once per week.  Practice times are set by available gym times.  Times are usually set up after the coach talks with team members and find a time convenient for members of his/her team.  We do not refund registration fees for a player's inability to meet team practice times.

Guidelines for good practices:

  • The coach smiles frequently and encourages with positive comments, catching players doing things right.
  • Every player has a ball in their hands.  Players are always doing something with the ball or moving to a ball.
  • The kids are having fun. The coach has organized games that teach skills.
  • The kids go home tired

During practices, you need only half a court to practice on.  If there is another team practicing, invite them to scrimmage with your team at the end of your practice.   

Websites you may want to look at for coaches drills and ideas


At all age groups, we endorse coaches calling directions to players occasionally. We do not endorse constant directing or haranguing of players on the court. Players need to learn to make their own decisions on the court. If a coach needs to correct a mistake, we expect the coach to take the player out of the game and speak to the player about the issue.

Note: Grades 1 & 2 is the only important exception to this. Until the children understand the basic idea of the game, coach participation and encouragement on the court can accelerate their learning... like playing in the back yard.

Balanced Teams and lopsided scores

We do our best to make balanced teams. Sometimes we get different results. We ask coaches to make adjustments during games to ensure that the game is fair.  Sometimes, that result is not achieved. If you have concerns about coach decisions please contact the board of directors.


Starting in Grade 2 we use referees.  Referees are our children, too. They are learning. They need encouragement and support. Please give it to them in the same way you would encourage your own team members and children.  If you experience challenges with a referees, please contact our board of directors by email or by telephone.